Truck 55 with liquid tank
Truck 99 with a nice shiney set of 5x3 super, super trains.
Truck 55 in the yard with 7 axel long box.
Truck 11 sits in the yard with a newer set of trailers.
Truck 77 pulling set of double trailers
Truck 105 with 7 axel long box dumping a load of sugar beets at Michigan Sugar in Sebewaing, MI
Truck 105 backed into a liquid farm
Truck 17 sets in the yard with empty cans (containers)
Best friends Bandit(99) and Beefy(105) team up for the wheat haul
photo-gallery003010.jpg photo-gallery003009.jpg photo-gallery003008.jpg photo-gallery003007.jpg photo-gallery003006.jpg photo-gallery003005.jpg photo-gallery003004.jpg photo-gallery003003.jpg
Truck 13 with 8 axel long box scales in at the Cooperative Elevator Co. in Pigeon, MI
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