Truck 11 Parked in the driveway
Truck 105 with Red River live bottom on US-10 resurface project near Midland MI.
Truck 55 in the yard with 7 axel long box.
Truck 11 sits in the yard with a newer set of trailers.
Truck 77 pulling set of double trailers
Truck 105 with 7 axel long box dumping a load of sugar beets at Michigan Sugar in Sebewaing, MI
Truck 13 with liquid tank.
Truck 13 hauls tower section for local wind park project.
Truck 02 delivers MDOT Rock to local bridge project with rock bucket doubles.
photo-gallery001010.jpg photo-gallery001009.jpg photo-gallery001008.jpg photo-gallery001007.jpg photo-gallery001006.jpg photo-gallery001005.jpg photo-gallery001004.jpg photo-gallery001003.jpg
Truck 13 with 8 axel long box scales in at the Cooperative Elevator Co. in Pigeon, MI
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